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GOP Names New Vice President of Food Safety and Technical Resources

Greater Omaha Packing, a high-quality supplier of beef, welcomes Kirby Childs, Ph.D., as vice president of food safety and technical resources. Childs will lead the company’s ongoing food safety efforts and oversee company-wide endeavors to integrate the industry’s latest technology.

Childs brings extensive education and industry experience to Greater Omaha, with a master’s degree in food science from Oklahoma State University and a doctorate in animal science with specializations in meat science and food science from Colorado State University.

“Adding Kirby to our leadership team will further strengthen our depth and leadership in the food safety area. Safety and quality assurance are the cornerstone of the Greater Omaha mission to deliver the best product to our customers. With Kirby’s expertise in research and development, microbiology, quality assurance, and food safety, we anticipate leading the industry in food safety and internalizing technologies to ensure we produce the safest product possible.” – Mike Drury, Greater Omaha president

Dr. Childs has extensive experience working with beef and poultry harvest facilities, as well as further processing for multiple proteins. Dr. Childs also led research and development teams and brought products to market for national and regional chains. He has experience in overseeing food safety in facilities having produced ground beef, par-cooked, ready-to-eat, and sous vide.

“I am eager to collaborate with a team as passionate about exceeding food safety protocols and advancing in modern approaches and processes as I am,” said Childs. “I look forward to adding to the legacy Greater Omaha has built around the world.”

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