Our Brands

Our Brands

Greater Omaha Packing has built a reputation for high-quality beef our customers trust and depend on. Manufacturers purchase our fresh primals to further process and offer specialized services to their customers that may include custom trimming, cooking, special blends or more.

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Located in the heart of the Midwest, Greater Omaha Packing offers quality brands direct from the corn belt region of the United States. Each program must meet stringent standards to ensure our customers are delivered a consistent, quality product with every purchase.


Greater Omaha Classic Angus Beef®

  • USDA High Select or higher
  • Angus and Angus type cattle
  • Grade A Maturity
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Greater Omaha 1920 Angus Beef®

  •  USDA upper 2/3 Choice or higher
  • Angus and Angus type cattle
  • Grade A Maturity
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Greater Omaha Classic Hereford Beef ™

  • USDA Prime, Choice, and Select
  • A or B Maturity Only
  • Superior product yields, trim and workmanship
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Greater Omaha 1881 Hereford Beef ™

  • USDA Prime and Top Choice
  • Hereford & Angus Black Baldy beef
  • Exceptional quality and consistency
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Certified Angus Beef® Brand

  • USDA upper Choice or Prime
  • A Maturity
  • Tender, juicy, flavorful
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Zabiha Halal Beef

  • Tasmiah is pronounced on each animal; healthy at time of harvest
  • Processed under strict guidelines; humanely harvested
  • No meat or bone meal used in feed rations
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Further Processing

Greater Omaha’s further processing offers the same consistency and satisfaction in our Midwest, farm-raised, and corn-fed high quality boxed beef, ground beef, and portion control cuts.

Ground Beef

  • Minimally processed, no added ingredients
  • Primarily whole muscle cuts
  • Optimal shelf life, eye appeal and palatability
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Portion Control

  • Allows for individual cuts to be used as needed
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Whole product visible, reduced purge
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