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Greater Omaha Packing Company Acquires Heartland Protein

Omaha, Neb., – Greater Omaha Packing Inc. proudly announces the successful acquisition of Heartland Proteins, solidifying its commitment to meeting the increasing demand for bovine-originated products. This strategic move significantly expands Greater Omaha’s capabilities, allowing the company to better serve a broader customer base.

Keith Fulton, the owner of Heartland Proteins, began operations in 2018. Operating in tandem with Progressive Protein, the wholly owned rendering operations of Greater Omaha Packing, Heartland Proteins specializes in purchasing and distributing meat and bone meal for the animal feed industry. Their innovative approach involves blending diverse meat and bone meal sources to address the specific needs of the pork, poultry, and pet food sectors.

President Mike Drury expresses genuine excitement by welcoming Keith and the entire Heartland Proteins team into the Greater Omaha Packing family. “The acquisition is a testament to Keith’s exceptional business acumen creating a customer-centric business that mirrors the values cherished at Greater Omaha,” he shares. “We have witnessed first-hand how he works with suppliers and customers and look forward to supporting and growing this business with additional capital needs as they arise. Through Keith’s continued involvement in the business, we look forward to his contributions into the future.”

Fulton grew up on a farm in North Central Iowa, graduated in Ag Business from Iowa State in 1988, and obtained a commodities brokerage license. He worked at Iowa Grain in Des Moines, helping farmers develop hedging strategies in grain and livestock markets. In 1991, Keith joined National By-Products (NBP) in marketing, later becoming a District Manager. After NBP’s acquisition by Darling International in 2006, he managed plants and eventually started his own business, Heartland Proteins, in 2013. Fulton built a blending plant in Omaha, starting operations in January 2020 and achieving success, crediting his employees and Progressive Protein, his main supplier.

With over 36 years of extensive experience in the animal feed industry, Keith brings invaluable knowledge to Greater Omaha. The acquisition of Heartland Proteins represents a strategic business decision and reflects a collaborative effort to innovate and thrive in the constantly changing market. Greater Omaha Packing looks to integrate Heartland Proteins expertise, fostering growth in the bovine product market and expanding its presence.

About Greater Omaha Packing Company
From pasture to plate, since 1920, Greater Omaha has been known for the finest quality beef products, service, and delivery. As a single-source supplier of the highest quality beef in the world, Greater Omaha processes 2,400 head of the nation’s finest, high-quality cattle daily for customers in retail, foodservice, and manufacturing. With more than $1.8 billion in annual sales, 1450 employees, and beef shipments to more than 70 countries worldwide, quality is an all-encompassing attitude at Greater Omaha. To find out more, visit

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