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Scholarships, Tuition Aid Available Through ‘Greater You at Greater Omaha Packing’

Greater Omaha Packing, a leading Omaha-area employer, recently announced a new employee-focused program to provide all qualified employees and their dependents tuition assistance. The new program, Greater You at Greater Omaha Packing, helps employees gain new skills and expand their educational opportunities.

Employees can receive $2,625 per year to attend Omaha-area colleges, universities and technical schools, including Bellevue University, AIM Institute and Metropolitan Community College. Assistance is available for associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and technical degrees in areas of study related to helping achieve Greater Omaha Packing’s mission.

“At Greater Omaha, we believe education unlocks doors,” says Henry Davis, Greater Omaha Packing CEO. “As we empower our employees, we know they will enhance our efforts to produce the highest quality beef products possible. We succeed at Greater Omaha Packing because of what our employees bring to the table each day.”

Additionally, Bellevue University and Aim Institute will match the company’s contribution for a total of more than $5,000 per year. Employees’ dependents are also eligible to receive these benefits and can attend Bellevue University, AIM Institute, Metropolitan Community College and University of Nebraska Medical Center.

“Greater Omaha Packing excels in the U.S. beef industry because of our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. As a company who specializes in seeing a product from start-to-finish, it only makes sense we take care of our employees comprehensively, supporting their professional development and also their families.”

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Greater Omaha Packing provides comprehensive employee benefits, including providing childcare and preschool stipends, a recent increase in hourly wages, and on-site vaccination and health programs. Since 2002, the company has donated nearly $400,000 in scholarships to dependents of Greater Omaha Packing employees, and in the last year, they have donated more than 16,000 pounds of ground beef to Food Bank for the Heartland.

“We care deeply about the whole person here at Greater Omaha Packing,” Gdid says. “It is an honor to help our employees and their families succeed.”

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