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What is a TenderAge® steak and why should you care

Each TenderAge® steak is packaged in a unique way to ensure you get the freshest, juiciest, most tender steak you’ve ever tasted. Minutes after being carved, your steak is sealed in our innovative airtight, easy-open package to lock in freshness and juiciness – where it will stay fresh and tender for up to 30 days in your refrigerator. The packaging is 100% freezer-safe, so you can put the steaks away for whenever you’re ready for them. Order today and taste for yourself.

"There is no doubt that the steaks are extremely high quality- you can both taste it and see it."

– Travis

You control how tender you want your TenderAge® steak.

Our TenderAge® steaks packaging locks in the freshness, the juices, the rich flavor of the finest steak you can buy. And your steak will stay fresh for up to 30 days in your refrigerator, growing more tender and juicy every day in its special airtight packaging.

Why TenderAge® Steak?

Each package carries a unique QR code that you can scan to see the day your steak was packed, and tells you when it’s time to cook or freeze (the packaging is 100% freezer-safe.) If you want to be sure you’re eating your steak at the prime of tenderness, this technology gets you there.

"We received these steaks as a gift and are ecstatic about them! Growing up in Nebraska, I've had quality steak, and these are some of, if not, the best! The ribeyes have amazing flavor and wonderful buttery texture from the beautiful marbling. Quality product!"

– Alyssa S.

What makes TenderAge® steaks unique?

Minutes after your steak is cut (to your order), it’s sealed in a unique purge-less, skin-packed, airtight package that keeps the juices in. Then it is packed fresh in a cooler (never frozen) and shipped overnight directly to you. No middleman. No extra handling. It’s the freshest steak you’ll ever buy. The juices stay in, and the meat ages and grows more tender every day – up to 30 days in your refrigerator – in an airtight environment.

Contrast that with the journey a typical steak takes to your plate.

A large side of beef is divided into large cuts at the packing plant. It’s wrapped, then stored until shipping to a warehouse (and often frozen.) Then, it’s opened again (and exposed to oxygen again), and carved into smaller cuts, re-wrapped, then distributed to the meat case. There it sits until you pick it up and bring it home. All that handling, oxygen, and exposure takes a toll, leaving you with a dryer, less tender steak.

"Being able to keep these fresh in my fridge for 30 days is wonderful. We cooked them in a cast iron skillet and the flavor was outstanding!"

– Judy M

Midwest beef is better.

All of our beef is sourced from within 300 miles of our home in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s the heart of the world’s best cattle country, ensuring a consistent supply of high quality Angus and Hereford cattle. We know the ranchers and livestock operators we deal with – they’re our neighbors. All of our beef is pasture raised and grain finished, all within a day’s drive. Less travel means less stress means more tender steak. And your steak is only a day away if you order now.

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