How are the steaks shipped?

Our steaks are shipped fresh, never frozen, in vacuum-sealed packages. Your order will be hand-packed in a Styrofoam cooler with cool packs. (We do not use dry ice.) The cooler is then put into a corrugated Greater Omaha shipping box. Our products are packed to withstand up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated shipping. All Greater Omaha steaks are shipped FedEx Overnight. Because our steaks are fresh, never frozen, we only ship Monday through Thursday to ensure weekday arrival at your home. Delivery times for each FedEx service vary by area. You can check FedEx’s estimated delivery timeframes on fedex.com.

What if I’m not home when my steaks arrive?

Your steaks are packed in a specially designed cooler with cool packs to keep them at the right temperature. But you can specify your shipping date when you order to ensure you’ll be home. Because they are perishable, they are shipped expedited/overnight. All shipping is done Monday through Thursday. Meat orders received by 8AM CST will be shipped that same day for next-day delivery. All orders received after 8AM CST will go out the following day. All orders received after 8AM CST Thursday will be shipped overnight the following Monday.

Who is Greater Omaha Packing?

Since 1920, Greater Omaha Packing has earned a reputation for the finest quality beef products, service, and delivery in the industry. We supply beef to some of the best restaurants in the world. Greater Omaha is a single-source supplier of the highest quality beef in the world. Our cattle buyers source Angus and Hereford cattle within a 300-mile radius of our Omaha, Nebraska production facility. One plant, one type of cattle, one predominant feed type, and one trim spec all combine to consistently deliver one type of quality – the very best.

Are your steaks hand-cut or mass-processed?

All our steaks are hand-cut on the day we ship your order.

What does it mean to be prime?

Only the top 2-3% of all beef can be qualified as USDA Prime. USDA Prime Beef is the best of the best. It is the superior grade with amazing tenderness, juiciness, flavor, and fine texture. It has the highest degree of fat marbling and is derived from the younger beef. That’s why Prime is generally featured at the most exclusive upscale steakhouse restaurants.

How does Greater Omaha Packing handle food safety?

Originally constructed in 2001, our harvesting plant is one of the most sophisticated beef processing facilities in the U.S., and utilizes the best in modern industry technology to remove bacteria. Our processing departments were designed and built to accommodate proven intervention systems as they continue to develop. This allows us to always be on the forefront of the best production practices. We employ a multi-hurdle concept with twelve separate processes, each of which is a validated pathogen intervention procedure. These steps include: controlled atmosphere, steam vacuums, hot water and acid rinse cabinets, and steam pasteurization cabinets. The industry views each of these methods as viable steps in pathogen intervention. Used in a multiple-hurdle configuration, they are extremely effective.

Comprehensive audits are conducted by a third-party who is an international leader in food safety. Anti-microbial testing is performed by a world-renowned AOAC approved and accredited third-party laboratory.

For additional information please contact:
Angel Besta
Technical Resource Manager

Why is fresh better?

Handling, oxygen, and exposure takes a toll on a steak, leaving you with a dryer, less tender steak. In the past, when you would buy a steak, it came from a large side of beef divided into large cuts at the packing plant. Then it was wrapped and stored until shipping to a warehouse (and it was often frozen). Then opened again (and exposed to oxygen again) and carved into smaller cuts, re-wrapped, then distributed to the meat case.

Today at Greater Omaha Packing, minutes after your steak is cut (to your order), it’s sealed in a unique non-purge vacuum package that keeps the juices in. Then it is packed fresh in a cooler (never frozen) and shipped overnight directly to you. No middleman. No extra handling. It’s the freshest steak you’ll ever buy. The juices stay in, and the meat ages and grows more tender every day – up to 30 days in your refrigerator – in an airtight environment.

Where does your beef come from?

All of our beef is sourced from within 300 miles of our home in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s the heart of the world’s best cattle country, ensuring a consistent supply of high quality Angus and Hereford cattle. We know the ranchers and livestock operators we deal with – they’re our neighbors. All of our beef is pasture-raised and grain-finished, all within a day’s drive. Less travel means less stress means more tender steak. And your steak is only a day away if you order now.

Are these steakhouse quality steaks?

These are the steaks you find served in the world’s finest steakhouses. Richly marbled, absurdly tender, freshly cut 100% Midwestern beef. It’s the best of the best. And now you can have them delivered directly to your door.

How long will my steaks stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Your steaks will remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to 30 days upon arrival because of our unique TenderAge® Steaks Packaging. To find your perfect, preferred tenderness, download a QR reader app from your Apple or Google play store to scan your package. If you need to keep them longer, TenderAge® Steaks Packaging is 100% freezer safe.

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