Why you’ll love TenderAge® Steaks

If you believe the finest meal is the one you prepare yourself, are justifiably proud of your skill at the skillet, then you deserve TenderAge® steaks. Cut to order, sealed airtight and delivered fresh (never frozen) direct to your door, it’s the most tender steak you’ll ever taste.

TenderAge® steaks create a lasting impression when making a dinner for friends, family, or that special someone. These are the steaks you find served in the world’s finest steakhouses. Richly marbled, absurdly tender, freshly cut 100% Midwestern beef. It’s the best of the best. The USDA Prime grade certification assures consistent quality.

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TenderAge® steaks aren't for everyone.

You need a more discerning palate to appreciate the exquisite quality of Greater Omaha’s USDA Prime Ribeye, New York Strip and Filet. If you’re satisfied with anything less than the very best, you should probably shop somewhere else. But if you have slightly more refined tastes, if you want the most tender beef you’ve ever tasted, if you care about steak as much as we do, you’ve just reached steak nirvana.

New York Strip

New York Strip is the steakhouse classic, and our USDA Prime cuts deliver a perfect blend of texture and tenderness. Perfect for the grill, New York Strip steaks achieve the perfect balance of mouth-watering flavor in every tender bite. It’s why you’ll find this steak on every steakhouse menu, anywhere in the world.

New York, New York

14 oz. Strip (2 ct.)

Price $74.99


The Four Topper

14 oz. Strip (4 ct.)

Price $149.99


Putting on the Ritz

14 oz. Strip (8 ct.)

Price $297.99



Filet is the pinnacle of tenderness: lean, fine grained and almost buttery in texture. It’s the most expensive steak you’ll find on any steakhouse menu. Best when seared over high heat then finished in the oven, our filets will please the most finicky meat lover. USDA Prime or Choice, these gems will almost melt in your mouth.

Date Night

8 oz. Prime Filet (2 ct.)

Price $79.99


Four You

8 oz. Prime Filet (4 ct.)

Price $159.99


Friends & Family

6 oz. Choice Filet (8 ct.)

Price $179.99


Four Pounds of Tender

8 oz. Prime Filet (8 ct.)

Price $279.99


Perfect Paleo

6 oz. Choice Filet (16 ct.)

Price $374.99



Coveted by connoisseurs from San Francisco to New York and the world over, USDA Prime Ribeye is the most flavorful cut of steak available. USDA Prime certification assures you of the rich marbling that delivers the beef flavor you crave. Ideal when seared over a medium hot skillet, and served medium rare, this is the steak you’ll find in the world’s premier steakhouses.

Celebration Night

14 oz. Ribeye (2 ct)

Price $84.99


Steakhouse at Home

14 oz. Ribeye (4 ct.)

Price $159.99


More of What You Love

14 oz. Ribeye (8 ct.)

Price $319.99


When we say fresh, we mean it.

Freshness matters when it comes to getting a more tender steak. When you buy from Greater Omaha, you are buying directly from the source – no middlemen, no additional handling, no extra steps between you and your steak.

If you order a TenderAge® steak from us today, we cut your steak to order, today. Within minutes it’s sealed in our innovative, lock-in-the-juices, airtight packaging, packed fresh (never frozen) in a cooler, then shipped overnight. It’s at your door the very next day. No middleman. No extra handling. To get it any fresher, you’d have to do it yourself. Order today, get it tomorrow.

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